CPU vs RAM for fileservers

Memory VS CPU

I have a Video File SERVER
It has about 2.2TB of store, I use video players from my home theatre, TVs all have HTPC etc...

I want to SWAP my cpus for the HTPC and SERVER

My Server has a Core 2 duo 2GHZ
and my HTPC has the Prescott 3Ghz

I notice my other HTPC using X2 3800+ is running HD videos Smoothly

I want to do the same idea for other HTPC...

Will using a slower cpu in the server slow down file traffic? the cpu usage on the server is usually Minimal, but running azureus, that is pretty intense...

The Server has 512MB with VISTA, soon going to 2GB DDR2 667Mhz

QUESTION: Will I better to use money for RAM or buy another dual core?

Other specs.. VGA are all Middle END 6600GS, 6600GT, 7800GT etc! that type of VGA CARD
All running 1Gb Ethernet! minimum 512MB RAM for HTPCs..

File serving is usually about cache? ram!? any smart peoples out there help me with this!
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  1. your post is rather confusing to understand.

    but in general, RAM is always better than CPU for a file server as it is on idle most the time. But a low power profile CPU would suit even better, those Pentium Dual Core E2140 cost nothing, runs really cool, and packs enough power to do things, much better than your prescott. Same can be said to the AMD X3800 or BE2xxx

    Rendering HD or non HD Video on your HTPCs requires either a good video card or a good CPU, which is client side more or less.

    hope this helps
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