Asus GTX 768Mb question.


i reacently bought a nVidia 8800GTX 768MB Asus graphics card and i have a question,

on the lower side on this card it has the PciE connector that goes in the slot on the board.
on the top side there are two power sockets that goes into the PSU.

i wanted to ask, why are there two of them?
should i connect them both? or only one will be ok?

i do not want to cause any damage so i'll appriciate alot of answers, cause i still don't know what to do with it.

also, does anyone have experience with this card and vista 64bit?
just wanted to know if i should expect any problems with it?

thank you,

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  1. Hi,
    I don't have one of those cards, but they are power-guzzlers. I would connect both power connectors if I were you.
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to connect both 6pin connectors to the power supply for your card to work properly.
  3. ok, got the wave.
    is there any chance that it'llcause damage due to overload?
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