Need help setup RAID or JBOD

I have a 80 GB Seagate SATA II disk, and recently I have bought a 250 GB Seagate SATA II disk. I wonder if I could setup RAID 0 with the maximum amount available - 80 + 80 = 160 GB and reuse 170 GB left for storage purpose. Does JBOD matter in this case ? What about Software RAID with Dynamic Disks ?
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  1. Sofware RAID.....slow.
    JBOD will be able to use all the space on both disks.....slow.
    RAID 0 will be able to use 160gb as you stated, and will be the best performing by far.
    My suggestion, forget about RAID anything -especially with the 2 drives you have. Waste of time and performance. Load your OS on the 80 gig drive, and use the 250 for all your programs. That would be the best scenerio performance-wise to use these 2 drives.
  2. Well, thanks a lot for your suggestion ! Yup, that seems to be the best thing so far. I'll try configuring software RAID and test its ability, hey 1 more thing, does Software RAID 0 has as high failure rate as Hardware one ?
  3. Why do you want RAID? This is an important question. You may be defeating the purpose by using these 2 different drives no matter how you do it.
  4. i second jitpublisher. OS on 80 gig disk then pagefile(if you use one) and programs on secondary drive imo.
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