AMD Phenom processor fits to AMD Dual Core Motherboards?

Does that mean that I can put a Phenom processor to my motherboard that now has a Dual Core 4600+ AMD Processor?

Or did I understand completely wrong this article on Phenom Review?

AMD has learned from its past mistakes. When AMD transitioned from socket 939 to socket AM2 with the introduction of DDR2 RAM, the customers were less than thrilled. For the buyers, the switch meant higher costs (new motherboard, CPU and memory) and brought no tangible performance increase with it. For this reason, AMD designed the Spider platform to offer compatibility and to spare the users from repeating the unpleasant experience of having the entire platform switched.

Compatibility across all sockets
Therefore, the Phenom processor does not require a new motherboard with Socket AM2+. The CPU will run in a socket AM2 board as well without any problems. In this case, the processor reverts to either Hypertransport 2.0 or 1.0, depending on the motherboard and operates completely normally. A BIOS update may be required, though. Even future processors manufactured on a 45 nm process and supporting DDR3 memory will run in socket AM2 and AM2+ boards. The 45 nm CPUs are slated for release in 2009 and will add support for socket AM3.
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  1. Yes you can. It'll fit any AM2 or AM2+.
  2. Yessss!!!!
    Thank you man!!
  3. Before you go out and buy one, check with your motherboard manufacture. I have heard of a few AM2 boards that wont work with Phenom. Most AM2 boards just need a BIOS update.

  4. Although you'll lose some features (HT3 i think).
  5. Thank you for the very useful info, guys.

    If it's compatible, however, I'm not going to buy it right know.
    It's to early. If Phenom is as good as to compete with intel, prices will fall.
    But i want to know if I will be able to do it when time comes.

    Can you suggest me any link or anyone that tells how to find out if my motherboard is compatible?
    This is my motherboard and it's Bios.

    Bios: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG (14-Jul-2006)
    Motherboard: ASUS NFORCE4-SLI-M2N4-SLI-00 (Socket AM2)
  6. quantumsheep said:
    Although you'll lose some features (HT3 i think).

    If it's compatible and if I lose (HT3) is it worthy changing it?
  7. At this point in Time, Phenom is not really a good switch.
    The current stepping is having some severe issues. (B2)

    Hopefully they will be resolved over the next couple months when (B3) is released.
  8. Thank you man, now looking
  9. HT3 seems to be better for servers that for desktop pc's. If it is not worth it, I do not know. You have to go to the asus site to check if it's compatible, just find your motherboard and look at the cpu chart.

    Also some other cool features are nice of am2+, but as said, wait for the next batch or the batch after that.
  10. I think it doesn't support it...
    Can't believe it. No lucky at all.

    Thank you guys, you gave me very useful informations.
    I'll have to satisfy myself with a 6400+
  11. Whelp, there's always hope. Some manufacturers may take their time in updating info on all their products. So I wouldn't call it for sure that is not supported. Give it some more time. Phenom hasn't been out very long, as well as AMD is trying to fix some things with it.
  12. That's what i thought, in fact. Well, let's see.
    Thank you all, guys. :)
  13. keep checking in case a bios update becomes available.....
    (come to think of it, I still haven't updated mine since the day i got it, in 2004....)
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