Noob needs help ocing

Currently running Am2 3800 (2.0). Just updated my bios and everything and it now shows ocing features. I have no experience in ocing. I want to push it to atleast .6 and just wondering if you guys can help me out. 500 watt psu, 512 ati 1600 pro, 2 gigs of 667 mhz ram, cpu fan speed 3000 rpm. Thanks
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  1. First, grab Prime95, and enable 'round error checking' or something. Then grab Core temps to monitor your cpu temp. Note your idle temps.

    Run Prime95 small FFTs and Core temps. If your core temp is lower than 55C when stress testing for a min or so, you're good to OC.

    Google around for some guides, I'm no AMD OCer and I have never done so, but I have read some guides awhile ago. If you need further help, post em.
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