Systemboard chip-set VS video card.

If your system board has say, an ATI chip and an AMD chip (north or southbridge either way) does it matter if you use an Nvidia or ATI video card? I dont understand the significance.

I Am currently running an AMD setup with Nvidia video cards and my MB has Nforce4 Chipset on it. I want to upgrade to an AM+ MB but am unable to find one with Nvidia chipsets of anykind. They only have AMD and ATI chipsets. Do I have to abandon AMD and go Intel to do quad core the right way?

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Here was an article that THG did on the subject, complete with benchmarks.
  2. Sweet, thank you. I must have been searching wrong. GREAT info. I feel like I just pulled my brain out of a silly putty egg and tryed to press the whole front page of the news paper. =)
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