File Named "t1ds.3s67" located at C:\

Here is a screen shot of the file in its directory

I have no idea where it came from
i change setting and install new software all the time i have never encountered such a massive file or such a strange extension
especially because I download everything to a separate drive "G:\" I install software to C:\Programfiles\ but i save all data for software on G:\


I run avast and Spybot S&D for on access protection and system monitoring
I also run Malwarebyte every 1-2 months or so for good measure
I ran combo fix a little while back maybe 2-3 months because I came across some zip files which downloaded with a torrent and could not be scanned by avast due to corruption and I was having some lag but combo fix came back clean and I found some of the utorrent settings I changed where slowing down my connection

this file was not here 2 - 3 months ago does it have something to do with combo fix?
anybody every seen the extesion before I can't google it from what i have tried
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  1. There's no extension like that on the master lists.

    This is the closest:

    Did you scan the file with MBAM? Did you download a torrent or some piece of software on 4/19?
  2. I downloaded a printer driver on 4/19 but no where near the size of the file in question mbam returned nothing its not on the master lists and i am going to just delete it

    thanks graywolf
  3. If you run into any problem from that, call us.
  4. graywolf said:
    If you run into any problem from that, call us.

    no problem deleted the file ran ccleaner restarted
  5. you can Google that extension now
  6. But only your post comes up. You've made history [:graywolf:2]
  7. my point exactly as unsatisfying as today was this fixes it all
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