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well my mom bought a computer against my own wishes and now i have to teach her, she cant even surf the internet and she is getting really mad at me because i cant explain things down at her novice level. its starting to get heated because i told her not to get one and to just use mine because mine are a hell of a lot better than anything she would get, i was right, she got a cheap windows 8 piece of junk. i have installed classic shell and set it to auto log in. i tried putting windows 7 on it but its completely bios locked to windows 8, even reinstalling windows 8 was a major hassle. i hate windows 8 more and more every day i have to use it.

so is there a website or youtube video or something that can show her how to navigate the internet before things get really heated. i do computer repair but i have never encountered someone that doesnt know how to use the internet, its the most frustrating thing in the world especially when dealing with a bipolar person with other mental issues that is a family member
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