Only low resolutions possible with DVI signal


finally I got my DVI connection working... cause... too high resolution and refresh rate. But now the problem... I WANT THOSE HIGH resolutions.

System: Graphic card Asus EN8800 GTS; TFT Samsung syncmaster 931BW; OS Vista Home Premium 32bits.

Problem: When I start vista with the resolution set to 1280X768 everything works fine. When I increase the resolution the whole screen goes black; starts switching on and off, show the normal vista screen but with yellow borders and lines in it or shows a complex maze of lines. Which failure occurs is dependant of the refresh rate and resolution.

Analog works just fine for all resolutions

What did I do in trying to solve this:
1 Download and install the latest asus drivers
2 Remove the asus drivers and install the NVIDIA drivers
3 Change the refreshrate of the monitor
4 Installed the digital drivers for the monitor
5 Removed the monitor drivers and register the monitor as standard PnP device

Well if someone has a clue on about how to solve this ST#@ID SH#T. Please feel free to respond

Kind regard and thanks in advance,
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  1. I have a similar problem with my Samsung 204B. I won't display native resolution unless I enable alternate resolution mode in the Catalyst drivers. I don't know what that feature is called in the Nvidia drivers. You may want to google it.

    Just thought of something else. Regardless of what features you are able to enable/disable, if you try to run the monitor at resolutions higher than native resolutions, it will not work. Could possibly kill your monitor. I would check to see what the native resolution of your monitor is before I did anything else.

    Just did a quick check of your monitor and your native resolution is 1440x900. Hope that helps.
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