Help with my rig

Here's my system

AMD Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition @3.2ghz
2gb Patriot 800mhz ram
500 watt PSU

First of all, what do you think???
Secondly, is my psu enough????
Thirdly, how much of a difference will I see between the GT and the GTS???
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  1. I took some time to re-configer your system. Get it within the current price of this configeration. But I need more information on what your going to use this system on. If its gaming you need a better video card.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.0GHz
    Nvidia 8800GT
    Western Digital Raptor 150GB, 10K RPM, 16MB Cache
    250GB Storage

    Also I like Corsair Dominator Ram's but its you choice.
  2. Dude spend a bit more money and get AMD HD3850 will run rings around the 8600's... im assuming you havent bought some of these components yet? What brand/model PSU?

    EDIT: NeoxBlu1: i wish you would stop giving others advise when you are asking for it yourself and dont know what to get.

    As i read dbman19 post some of these components are already bought (i believe) if not than a budget would also help.
  3. psu should be enough depending on the 12v rail,
  4. Thanks for the replies

    First of all, I want to stick with my current mobo for money purposes

    Secondly, this is a upgrade list

    My current build is
    Athlon X2 2.0
    1gb 553mhz
    8500GT 512mb

    Thirdly, budget for the video card is max $150 and I would rather not upgrade the PSU

    Fourthly, how to I check the 12v rail

    Finally, I had another idea
    I have a 450watt psu laying around, what about laying it in the case for the 6pin video card power????
  5. Rail ratings are either on the side of the psu or you can tell us the model and we can find it on the net.

    Dude at $179 the HD3850 is a must have for budget gaming... its $30 more than budget but 3x more in GPU power and the PSU spec ratings arent that much higher as it runs on a smaller die.
  6. Thank you very much
    One final question

    What cooler would you get for the 6400+???

    I'm not planning on overclocking
  7. If not overclocking, the stock cooler will be sufficient.
    We still don't know what brand/model PSU you have. If it's a Powmax that came with your case, it's fecal material I wouldn't trust to run an old 386. If it is a brand like Corsair or OCZ it should be just fine.
  8. A. PSU is a raidmax 500w
    B. The 6400+ I am getting does not come with a cooler
    C. What about a separate PSU for the 6pin graphics power??
  9. You listed your memory as 553, is that DDR 550 or DDR2 533? I am assuming it's just a typo and it is actually 533 and if so I would suggest just getting another stick, assuming your current config is 1x1gb, rather than DDR2 800. You can get a 1gb stick of 533 for ~$20 and the difference between 533 and 800 is margainal. You can then use the difference toward a better video card like the one chookman mentioned and in doing so would get a much better return on your money.
  10. thanks for the tip, but i'm planning on getting 2gb for $50 (rebate)
  11. My point was that there is very little difference between 533 and 800 and you could get 1gb of 533 and use the extra $30 toward a better video card. You will see a much larger improvement using the money toward a better video card instead of RAM.
  12. ok......then I will consider that
  13. BTW, my psu has a 12v rail rating of 22A

    What is max graphics card I could run?
  14. One last item

    I game mostly at 1024 or 1280 and the newest game i'm interested is NFS Pro Street

    Will a 7900GS or a 7800GT last me for a while????
    And will either of these cards be safe for my psu?
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