Transfert data from old dead pc to new pc

Hello all,

I've been having the following issue and not matter how hard I try to find accurate information, it never seems to work. I need your help!

So my old P4 3.0HT running XP died on me last week, I suspect processor failure or Motherboard. The hard drive should be fine.

Since I didn't want to invest in this "dinosaure" with poor graphics and 512 ram, I bought a new Dell XPS 630, quad core, bla bla bla, usual monster. Will be running Vista

Now I am sad because I didn't had the chance to transfert all my pictures and music and maybe a few other files from my old pc HD to any kind of support so I'm stuck.

I have Ok knowledge in computer and hardware but I never replaced/added/removed a HD from a pc to another.

My question is how can I get my files back on my new pc easily without investing on my old PC.

Thanks for helping me out!
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  1. I would suggest getting an external USB 2.0 enclosure for your drive. It is probably IDE, but check first, because you'll need to select the right enclosure for the drive interface.
    This will allow you to connect it easily, as needed, and also continue to use it for backups.
  2. The easy way would be a USB enclosure. If you don't want to spend any more money, you can take the old hard drive out, set the jumper to slave(if its IDE), then connect it to the new computer (via IDE or Sata). Vista should detect it as a storage drive and you can transfer all your data off it.
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