Very Confused on my Raid.

Hello Everyone,

Alright..let me just say this whole raid thing isn't going my way.. i want a raid0' I was told these things where easy to set up 1 2 3 and your done..I think they are wrong' .. I got 2 sata..160 wd drives that i want to raid together..but cant seem to get it to work.. My Computer sees two hard drives one that i cant format ..and one that has my operating system on it.. the one that i cant format is 291 which is odd since its only a 160Gig Drive,, Every time i try something either windows..dost boot up or my Graphic card Goes into 4bit which is extremely annoying. Bios shows that it is a both hard drive are in a strip Raid boots up..But..shows two hard drive im lost for ideas...ive messed with it for two today the more i mess with it the more i screw my system up :pt1cable: ..I am working with a clean windows right now(Windows XP)..due to the fact i had to reformat 3 time in the Process of doing this.

Im Running on a MSI P6n Sli 650i Board
Quad 6600
2gig of DDR2
550 cooler Master Powersupply

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  1. How did you set up the raid array (what were the directions you followed)?
  2. the instructions of msi i guess...its very hard to follow and dont really get how to install them in the bios'???? to many nivida drivers i guess..
  3. I'm not sure if the 780i and 650i's BIOS's are similar, but in my 780i BIOS, there is a section titled "Integrated Peripherals", and inside that there is one called "RAID Config". Try looking for something similar to those and configuring it from there.

    Make sure you have everything important backed up.
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