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OC GE Force 6600 on a A8N32 sli dlx?

My 64x2 3800 in now quite stable running at 245 FSB.
Sine I am not a gamer, I just want to OC my graphics card to its optimal functionality
For 2d. According to PC Pitstop’s analysis, my 2d score is just about half of what it should be. Are there relatively safe settings that can be changed via the bios and if so, which are they?

Thanks in advance for help!

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  1. Install Coolbits. Use the settings in the graphics driver properties to overclock. Make sure you test your overclock for artifacts, etc.
  2. Thanx evongugg!
    i've dowloaded coolbits but have no idea as how to use it! I opened the file and installed the registry settings. Where to go and what to do next??? tried opening nvidia ctrl panel and nowhere shows coolbits!

  3. Go to Control Panel->Display and look for Overclocking among the Nvidia options. You need to enable a check mark, scroll through the legal stuff and press "I accept". Then you can change the clock memory settings.
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