Trying to decide what to get... need some advice

Ok so here is my deal...

I have wanted to build a new computer for a long time. All i really do is play WoW, sometimes double or tripple box (which is slow since I am just using a Dell E1705 notebook with a 7900 GS graphics card).

So basically now I have eveyrthing I need. Power supply, going with the Gigabyte X38 mobo, Win Xp Pro 64 bit, 8GB Gskil ram, etc etc...

Here is my problem, i ordered some 8800Gt graphic cards which i know are good but its looking like it will be long time before i get them... and i wanna put this thing together now. I was reading that they are coming out with the 9xxx series around Feb 2008. I would like to play new games like Crysis and CoD4 but I can wait. Would it better for me just to get like a 8600GT now and then get the 9xxx series in a couple months?
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  1. If you can wait, and all you play is WoW... which your 7900 GS will handle with ease... then, wait.

    The 8800 GT isn';t really powerful enough to handle crysis, if you're not in a hurry waiting wouldn't be bad.
  2. I ordered a 8800GT which will get here whenever....... all i am missing is my motherboard which i will get next friday since somoene slashed my tires over the weekend and i had to get new ones. There went my money for the mobo. When i get the mobo... if my video card still is not here... i will just cancel the order. But i want to get -something- in the computer so i can actually use the power it has. Would a 8600GT or something along those lines be good? If my 8800GT is still on backorder...Keep in mind i do want to double box WoW with good frame rates.

    Thanks for the help
  3. Your 7900 GS will kick an 8600 GT's ass.

    The best sub-$200 card you can get is the Radeon 3850, it's about as fast as the 8800 GTS 320mb.

    That'd be a much better stopgap card for you if you plan to go 9000 series later...
  4. I was looking on the VGA charts and it seemed like the 7900GS was much better then the 8600GT. Which i thought was wierd but maybe i will just wait for my 8800GT to get here since i am still looking at around 200 bucks or so for a good card. Dosent seem worth it to me considering how good the 8800GT is.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Yeah, the 8600 GT sucks compared to the 7900 GS.

    Like I said though, if you have about $200, the Radeon 3850 is awesome... definitely should be on your short list.
  6. Agreed, the 3850 is only ~$170 (Compare that to a $300-400 8800GTS 320MB). It's not going to perform as well as the 8800GT, but right now the GT is, on average, $100 more PLUS you have to wait for it. If you're going to just upgrade to the 9xxx series, I suggest you go with cleaves suggestion and go with the 3850 instead. I seriously doubt you will notice any difference between the two in WoW.
  7. I just got off of and they have HD3850 for $159.99 which is a great price for that card.
  8. slidai said:
    going with the Gigabyte X38 mobo...

    i ordered some 8800Gt graphic cards

    Did you order two 8800GT 's and expect to use both? Or are you like me who ordered more than one 8800GT to see what became available first?

    AFAIK, as of now you can't do SLI on X38's. Dual HD3850 or 3870 crossfire is an option. SLI could be enabled someday I hear.

    I'll also agree the HD3850 is a nice option. Alot more performance than the $100 cards to keep you happy for a while, and available at a decent price unlike the 8800GT.
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