Is there a Fan replacement for Tuniq Tower that allows mobo control?

I'm trying to find a fan that could be controlled by an Asus pk5-e motherboard with QFan. I tried a stock cooler from Intel and watched the fan automatically speed its self up under load. I thought this would be great to do on the Tuniq Tower but unfortunately the wiring and logic doesn't allow it to be controlled that way. The TT is so efficient that most of the time I can rotate the manual knob to low. But what if one day some program heats it up when I'm away? OR maybe a system hang etc. And I wouldn't really want to just leave the fan on high all year just to pull in dust bunnies etc. So it would be perfect if would just speed up as the cpu got hotter. Or would just go to high at some danger point. If I could get a quiet 120mm fan (i'm pretty sure it's 120) replacement that could do be controlled by the motherboard it would be great. Does anyone know of one? Or has anyone tried this yet? :)
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  1. PWM Controlled Fans

    I highly recommend the Arctic Cooling PWM fans. They have two versions.

    One is an open-style fan:

    and the other is more like the traditional case fan style:

    They are wired in such a way that you can daisy-chain the fans to a single 4-pin PWM motherboard header so that all fans ramp up when temps rise. I have two 120mm and two 80mm of these fans and they are very quiet.
  2. Probably the 2nd one will fit in the Tuniq perfectly. Thanks for the links rwpritchett. :) The only thing now is that after reading reviews I think this one idles at 400rpm and goes up to 800. The one included with the tuniq goes from 1000rpm to 2100rpm. But every reviewer seems to say a different thing about it's top speed. I'm starting to wonder if it's a function of the motherboard. And if it is, will it still reach 2000rpm. But 1700 would be close enough. Thanks again, this gives me a great start.
  3. The 120mm AC-PWM fan on the system I'm on right now is running at 1467rpm with PWM turned off. With PWM on, it depends on the motherboard, but my Asus with Q-Fan runs the same fan at 900rpm idle and ramps up according to CPU temp, up to full speed if needed. This is the case-type fan that I pictured above, not the open version.
  4. That sounds great then. That's what I was hoping it would do. I will probably order 2 fans. One for the tuniq and one for the back, but one for the tuniq could be enough too. The only thing making me pause is that I found another fan that might look better with my Antec 900 case. It's also made by Antec, but I'm not sure it would really work. It's listed on newegg and the description says it can be plugged into the motherboard using the 4 pin connectors.

    So, I'm not sure if that means it can be controlled, or the 4 pin connector only provides power and that's it. I wish there was a way to tell before I ordered it. It's a nice looking fan. If I don't get that, I will be getting the same one you just mentioned. But now as I take a close look, the one you mentioned has the letters PWM in it which seem to indicate it's the right kind of fan. So probably the Antec won't work, even though I hoped it would. I'll look around a bit more to see if maybe it still can work. It probably won't though. So I will probably get this one you listed. I also like that they can be daisy chained and they look like good ones. Thanks for the rpm description since that's exactly what I wanted to know.
  5. Yeah, the Antec fan you linked has a 4-pin molex connector, not PWM. It does have a switch on it that lets you select three different speeds though.

    If you end up getting two of the Arctic Cooling PWM fans, you can run them both from the same PWM header. That would be nice.
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