CPU upgrade on a Chaintech 7VJL board - help needed please!

I've the above board - full reference CT-7VJL Apogee.

On it is an Athlon XP 2000+ (266 MHz) which I'd like to upgrade.

However, the manual has confused me concerning the capabilities of the board.

Early on, the manual says "Supports 200 / 266 MHz front side bus". This is controlled by Jumper 3 - external clock frequency (100 / 133 MHz). If this is a limitation, it puts the best upgrade at a 2600+ Athlon XP.

Later in the manual, it describes Jumper 31 as being for 1666 Mhz CPU clock. To quote .."This jumper allows user to configure the CPU clock speed to 166 MHz. The external clock frequency (Jumper 3) will automatically disable. " If this is true, it means I can use a faster 333MHz Athlon XP.

Am I right in thinking I can use a 333MHz CPU?

If it matters, the memory I am using is 333MHz PC2700

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Chaintech is out of the motherboard business, so you're lucky to have a manual. I would suggest you stick to what you already know works. Haven't done a search lately, to see if bios support is still available on their website. But the high end socket a cpus are too expensive to invest in an upgrade. I found a 2500 barton at one vender listed at amazon.com. Don't know if it will work on your board. That cpu was $70. It only runs at about 1833 hertz; it was popular for overclocking.
  2. http://www.chaintech.com.tw/eng/a2111_product_download.php?serno=182
    That link is for all their support for your motherboard according to some of the TXT with their bios downloads it indeed supports up to 333MHz CPU.
  3. Journeyman,

    Thanks for the link. The later BIOS text files say what's pasted below. Does the fact that the 2600+ with a FSB of 166 MHz is mentioned specifically mean it's likely that higher speed processors won't work?

    Any advice welcome.




    CheckSum: 3900H
    Date: 05/07/2003
    Feature: Support AMD 2600+(166Mhz)

    CheckSum: 4CB8H
    Date: 09/20/2002
    Feature: Modify AMD 2700+ shows wrong strng.

    CheckSum: 2F8A H



    Date: 08/21/2002

    Feature: Support FSB 166Mhz .

    Feature: Support CPU jumpless ratio change up to 18X for hardware
    S103 Ver .

    Feature: Fixed load default year fail when CMOS check sum error.

    Feature: Set LM90 T_CRIT default Temperture to 97øC .
  4. No if you look lower you see them mention 2700+ it was a Thoroughbread with 166/333MHz
    They might have been meaning 2600+ 166/333 MHz which was a Thorton and came out later, sort of a hybrid between Barton and Thouroughbread.
  5. http://www.hardwareanalysis.com/content/topic/7880/
    This as link to old forum discussion about that board, and problems regarding 2600+.
    I am pretty sure one of my friends had that board with 2500+ Barton core.
  6. As for upgrading, it's still a matter of common sense. If it costs $100 for one cpu, you can get a cpu-board combo deal for that. It also depends on what video you'll be using. The bartons do run warm; I tried using an old duron heatsink, and mine overheated and popped some internal leads; went from 512 cache to 256 and 11.5x to 8x multiplier.
  7. Rolli59,

    Thanks for this new link.

    If you believe the info from Chaintech on this thread, mine won't support 333 MHz processors since it has a reference S102.....so why have a jumper for it?????

    However, I'm wondering if this just relates to the version of the BIOS the earlier boards were issued with since only the later BIOS versions have 166 MHz support.

    I guess the only way to be sure is to email Chaintech or try a couple of different processors!.

    O1die - the plan is to try and get a used on off eBay after Christmas, and pay not very much.


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