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I still cannot get my Internet Explorer to find and recognize my Flash Player.
This creates a problem that stops me from using my HP solution center to scan my documents. Everytime I boot up my computer a black window comes up saying that HP detects that I do not have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player with Internet Explorer. I had IE9 but I removed IE9 and kept IE 8. I have Flash player in my computer. For the time being I use Mozilla Firefox for my internet surfing. Through Firefox, I have no problem with any videos. Most of the videos are using Flash player. Flash player shows up in my control panel. How can I get my internet explorer to find and accept Flash Player? I have downloaded the Flash Player installer about five times now. (I removed about four them at this time, I think.) Everytime I use IE8 and I want to go on YouTube, or see a special video from Brasscheck or Forbidding knowledge, IE says I need to download the latest Flash Player. IT IS DOWNLOADED. How do I get IE to find it and accept it so I can use my HP solution center? Thank you Daniel Johnston.
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  1. just downloaded is like buying meat and putting it in the fridge. its not opened or cooked so its not really food yet. you will need to install it or go to youtube and try to play videos, if it gives you and error then click it and do not download it, just install it. i would guess thats the main problem. if not repost what all you have done in detail and ill see what else we can do.
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