PSU for Phenom 9500, 4gb, 2x HD3870s, 3 HDs

Heres the system its going to power: (this may not be exactly whats in it, so i went to safe side)

AMD Phenom Agena 9500 Quad-Core (Overclocked around 2.8-3.0Ghz)
ThermalTake Blue Orb CPU Cooler
4GB (4x1GB) DDR2 800mhz Crucial Ballistix
74GB Western Digital RaptorX Sata150 10,000rpm
160GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 S-ATA 7.2k rpm
160GB Western Digital Caviar IDE 7.2k rpm
MSI K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX Socket AM2+ motherboard
2x Crossfire VisionTek 512mb ATI Radeon HD 3870's
2x CD/DVD S-ATA Drives
3x other bay devices
Fans/Lights ect.

Again, not all that will be really what will be in there, but to be on the safe side and say I do get all that I want I want to be able to handle it. Anyway so will any of these do it justice?

OCZ StealthXstream 600watt ( )
ThermalTake Purepower 600watt ( )
MSI TurboStream 600watt ( )
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  1. None of the Above...........

    600watts is a bit close but probably OK.
    However, none of those brands/models inspire confidence.

    The PC Power and Cooling 610w can be had from their Website for $119, but that is the same price as for the PSU above which gets great reviews from Jonny Guru as a Steal at $170. For $120 on sale its a super bargain.
  2. If i was going to get any of those id get the OCZ , the thermaltake and MSI are shi tful Tier3 and 5 PSU's

    I would be getting PC&PC PSU

    BTW good luck at getting the 9500 Phenom to 2.8ghz, seeing as they are having all sorts at stock. Errata issues and supply issues
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