Upgrade Vista 64 AGP 8X card in small case

I'm looking for the fastest AGP 8X card possible that'll work well in a Vista 64 system. The case is a MicroFly which is a bit smaller than normal. I've currently got a GE Force 6200. We use this system mostly for gaming (more specifically, Second Life)

Anybody have any suggestions on video cards?
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  1. Radeon X1950 XT is currently the fastest AGP card available.

    The new Radeon 3850 is coming though... that will blow away the X1950 XT.
  2. Excellent - thanks for the advice! So, this card has a smaller footprint so I can install it in the MicroFly case?
  3. Depends. Can the Microfly case take a regularly sized AGP card?

    If so, it might fit...
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