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Hello, When i try to burn a 725Mb file to DVD the file size is shown has over 6GB. I'm lost
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  1. What are you trying to burn? And are you sure the file is 6GB or is that the space available on the DVD?
  2. Thanks for your input, I am trying to burn movies, and Nero will tell me the file size is 750Mgb when I try to burn it to Cd, but when I change to DVD(4.7Gb) the file size increases dramatically
  3. I trust this isn't a retail DVD?

    You need to compress the movie with something like DVD shrink.
  4. Yes, DVD shrink will help with that.
  5. Thanks every , I'm grateful for your input.
    No I'm not trying to copy a disc, but burn downloads.
    I have DVD shrink but that would not work
    I have solved the problem by downloading Sothink DVD movie maker, this works well once I solved a few teething problems
    Again thanks for all your help
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