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I'm currently building a PC with the works, quad core processors, 4 gb of ram, and i was going to add either an 8800 gtx or an 8800 ultra. I of course do not want to waist my money so should I wait for the new 08 nvidia's or should I go ahead and purchase an 8800?
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  1. Since the upcoming 8800 GTS ver 2 should beat the 8800 GTX - and maybe even the Ultra - I'd hold off for one of those.

    Or just grab two 8800 GTs for SLI. :D
  2. Or just get one 8800 GT and use the step up program to get a 9800 GTX when they're out (That's if you buy from evga).
  3. EVGA's step up program is only 3 months or so, isn't it?

    I doubt the 9800 series will arrive in the near future...
  4. As far as the benchmark(s) have shown, the 65nm GTS will have the performance of the GTX - Ultra (though, hear-say from only one review) on a 300$ price point - ofcourse probable gouging may push it past 350 - 400$, yet still cheaper compared to a 500$ GTX. So imo, being so close to a complete line-up rotation of GPUs, I'd wait until the 65nm GTS gets more than one rock solid pre/review and pricing quotes.
  5. when is the new gts supposedly coming out?
  6. You may want to wait until March - 9 series Geforce and both full ranges of Phenom and Penryn processors. For Q6600 you could get something with 1333FSB and 12Mb cache (with Intel).

    March may seem a long way away - it really isn't!
  7. crazyb563 said:
    when is the new gts supposedly coming out?

    12th dec
  8. The GTS is supposed to launch on the 14th this month
  9. lol ok the 12th, not so long off anywho
  10. My step up is still in effect till the end of January... hopefully I'll be able to step up to one of the new GTS's. :D
  11. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    lol ok the 12th, not so long off anywho

    So its the 14th now is it bloody hell 11th then 12th now 14th maybe they can keep us going untill new year :lol:
  12. LOL they DID say 07 right? heheh
  13. Can we expect a price decrease in 8800GT when it's released? :D
  14. Glad I stepped up from my 8800GTS 320 to the 8800GT. My 90 days would've been up December 12th. That's just cutting it too close and I probably would've missed it.
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