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Help! Contacts issue in Outlook/Hotmail

Last response: in Apps General Discussion
January 9, 2013 12:18:50 PM


Installed MS Office 2003 (An older, outdated version, I know). I installed the Hotmail connector so I could use a Live address through Outlook. So it took all my contacts OUT of my Windows Live contacts on the Hotmail server and put them in Outlook 03.

If I log on to the Windows live mail site to check e-mail , all the contacts are gone. They are in Outlook. What I want to do: I want contacts in BOTH places so if Outlook ever fails to send a message I can always go to the Hotmail site and check my e-mail the 'normal' way and have all my contacts still there. I had 5 or 6 groups of contacts also with hundreds in each group. There is nothing in Hotmail right now, it's all in Outlook. Whenever I send out the same e-mail to a group or several groups Outlook 03 takes forever to send. It never used to do that in Hotmail which is why I want the contacts there as well so I could send from there if I wanted to. Please note I will be upgrading to Outlook 2010. Will this make it easier to resolve this? I do not want to have to enter all my contacts manually in Hotmail again. I want to copy them from Outlook to the new Hotmail/Windows Live/ "" ugh! Thank you!
January 14, 2013 5:29:05 PM

You need to enter them in manually if they are gone from the website client unless the web application has an Import function.

It should not have removed your info from Hotmail though should have just made them available in Outlook. Additionally, any changes you make to contact information in Outlook will automatically be synchronized with the Web version in your Windows Live Hotmail account." You may need to contact their support if your contacts are no longer visible in the web client.
January 15, 2013 4:08:09 AM

No they shouldn't have. I don't understand that. Perhaps it has to do with the conversion from the windows live to the thing they're doibg. There were hundreds and hundreds of contacts. I have to enter them all back manually? The reason I want them in both places just in case I have to send from a different computer sometime. Sending messages in ms office takes really long sometimes days when sending the same message to groups. Any reason for that?