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Ok guys, i just cant seem to figure this out. I upgraded Mobo, Ram, and Processor. my Mobo is a gigabyte GaP35-ds3L and my processor is an E6550. my ram was g.skill some cheap stuff and i have 8gb. well my computer was acting very unstable, and fooled around with alot of things, but it would randomly crash when just even sitting at the desktop. i ran memtest on the sticks and they all threw errors. I rma'd them and upgraded to Geil ram, also 8gb. it was alot better stuff. i ran the windows memory test on them and they cleared. but when i went to play COD4 today again it crashed. but on one of my dual monitors the imprint of the destop was stuck on it, but the system had crashed. this led me to think maybe it was my video card(radeon x1900). also my overclock attempts have been very unstable almost non existant. these crashes all happened on stock settings. so do you think the GPU could be the cause of my troubles? please help. also i have the ram running at 2.0v because of its recommended voltage is 1.9-2.5.
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  1. 8GB ? What OS are you running? For diagnosis, try just one stick of RAM at a time and test for stability.
  2. It sounds to me like a power supply problem. I was trying to use a stock raidmax psu with a 1950xt and would get many random crashes and resets and wasn't able to overclock with any stability. Since upgrading the psu, no problems.
  3. im running vista ultimate 64bit
  4. I agree on the suspect PSU. Please list the specs.

    Good move on the ram anyway. I have read numerous posts on Gskill/Gigabyte issues. Could be why Gskill is not on the GB approved memory list. Geil is generally solid and approved.

    I also assume you have 64 bit OS. 4gb is the max on 32bit, and even all of that will not get used.
  5. Based on the Antec spec sheet, , you might be close to maxing out the 12v rail with all that ram, and that vid card. The wattage(460w max) should actually be fine. However, on the older style PSU's, it is distributed differently than modern ones. These days it is all about amperage on the 12v rail. Although it lists 18a each on two 12v rails, actual amperage on the combined 12v is closer to 20-22a.

    Something like the Corsair 450vx would be a good minimum to shoot for on your system. It has 33a on the 12v rail which should be plenty.

    Second troubleshooting choice would be the vid card.
  6. is the only way to trouble shoot this, to purchase a new PSU?
  7. your psu:
    Antec TruePower 2.0 TPII-480 33amps
    The Corsair450vx is also 33amps so that would be an even swap.
    Troubleshoot some more, if you think psu yet you could go with the 550vx @ 41amps
  8. how else can i troubleshoot or try to pinpoint this issue?
  9. run two psu's on your system at once, if you can; one for your disks, fans, and opticals, and one for just your motherboard and it's attachments.

    that is, if you have another psu laying around.

    if you don't know how to run a psu without plugging it into a mobo:
    short the green pin to any black pin on the 20 or 24 pin connector with a wire or paper clip, then plug it in and it should power on.
  10. Ok I actually have 2 PSU sitting around. i have a 550watt antec and an older 450watt Thermaltake. the antec is pretty new, but i think it sometimes wouldnt turn on or something, but i can probally fix it. if so, it is more powerful then my current PSU. now if i run 2 PSU how do i configure them so they both turn on when i turn the system on? or do I use the swith on the back to turn the second one on, if it is shorted out? also which should i run the more powerful PSU on? the Mobo, or all the other drives and GPU?
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