AMD Dual Core 6000+ CPU Throttling problem

I've searched this forum for threads containing the Throttling problem of Dual Core AMD's but didnt find a similar topic , so I'm posting here a problem I have and searching an answer for almost a month :(

Problem started when I replaced my old Sempron 3000+ with a Dual Core Athlon x2 6000+
What I'm experiencing is a large frame rate drop (from 45 fps to 15 or less than 10 some times) when I'm playing any 3d game on my comp.
I have every latest driver installed (mobo, graphics , cpu ... etc...) but no fix... also tried hotfixes , the amd Dual core optimizer and the amd driver all to no avail...

I found the source of the problems to be Throttling of my processor which I found out using RightMark CPU Clock Utility (RMClock). The Cores go from 3000 Mhz to approx 1500 for a short period of time (approx. 10-15 sec) and then back to normal... The temperature as stated by that program is less than 50oC so it shouldn't be a problem in the 1st place.

Also I disabled AMD's Cool n quiet feature from bios and from windows and also any power management thingy to be sure but still it throttles by itself...
one more thing I tried was downclocking the processor's cores from 3000 to 2400 (mutliplier from 15 to 12) so the same problem happens cutting cores in half ! (from 2400 to 1200 Mhz ! )

It's pretty annoying situation having a brand new cpu and getting these frustrating thing all the time ... If anyone has a piece of advise plz reply asap :(

Thanks for your time!

CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
RAM: 1,5GB@533
ASUS AM2-TVM (Bios REV 8.02 - Latest one)
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS 256MB
PSU : Premier 500Watt (really cheap one)
OS: Windows XP Pro (x86)
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  1. One thing that I'm not sure of if it will make it work is that my PSU is a bit of a total crap ... not having special pci-e connector for example and rly all I know about it is it is 500Watts and has 15A on V1 and 16A on V2 but should the psu be compliant with the CPU or it doesn't matter ?

    My thought on this is because sempron uses a lot less watts so maybe that's the case but tell me your idea on this !
    And also If I'm thinking of buying for example a 500Watts V2.2 Thermaltake psu would it be ok ? or do I need more watts for my system ?

    Anyways switching a psu would be the answer if I got BSOD or crashes but I get throttling so it must be something else in there :( ... right ? :S
  2. Can you return the CPU and get another CPU from the warranty? AMD has 3 year warranty right? and maybe you had it less than 30 days you could RMA ?
  3. Disable cool'n'quiet in the bios to stop it throttling but it might be due to the PSU as you said.
  4. spanner_razor said:
    Disable cool'n'quiet in the bios to stop it throttling but it might be due to the PSU as you said.

    He mentioned that he had already disabled it in the BIOS.
  5. Sounds like it might be your PSU, if it's not providing a good steady supply of power. Might be fluxuating or getting ready to bite the dust.
    I would try replacing that, since you admit yourself that it is pretty low-end unit that is not even PCIe compliant. Your video card could be putting enough drain on it to affect other parts of your system, AND PAY ATTENTION TO THIS STATEMENT: it could be your video card that is actually causing the drop in frame rates, not the fact that the processor is not running at full speed. It does not need to run at full speed most of the time, since it is a very, very fast processor, it should never, ever need to run 80%-100% unless your are playing a game, encoding a video, running 3 videos in the background, while checking email all at the same time.... seriously. Your video card handles by far a much bigger load during gameplay than the processor. It could be that since the new CPU is drawing considerably more power than your old CPU, your power supply is taxed to the limit and it's causing your GPU to slow down.

    My 2 cents, try a new PSU!
  6. Thanks For your replies guys ! Just to mention that CPU usage is all fine ! never exceeds like 80% ! but it all makes sense with your statement now my friend! I just hope the new PSU will make it all right :D. Only thing that held me from buying one was a friend telling me that if the psu wasn't good enough I'd have BSOD and crashes and no throttling but I don't think it's completely like that :) I'll post with a new psu the results , but if more can have an opinion on that matter plz post :P

    And Also will a PCI-e compliant and Dual-core compliant 450W-500W do the trick ? I think it's enough for my pc :) ( no plans for future upgrades )

    thanks a lot again !
  7. Definitely try a new psu. I experienced the same problem with a stock raidmax psu and then with an Ultra 500w x-finity psu. Both had enough advertised power to push all of my components, but I had artifacting, throttling and couldn't overclock. I would experience this problem most often during demanding portions of games; frame drops, crashes, etc. I've now got a much better psu and this is no longer a problem.

    jitpublisher is exactly right, the frame rate drops have more to do with your graphics card being underpowered than your processor decreasing clock speeds.

    Get yourself a new, good quality psu. Check the powersuppy guide on the forum. Best of luck.
  8. 1st of all an Enermax 400Watts would do the job with my config ? coz this is the highest quality I can get with my budget right now ... and It seems really nice but 400 watts seem a bit low ... so I thought about :

    Anyways one thing I wanted to tell you is that I've tested the GPU and it doesn't throttle at all , only CPU does it and it is cut in half.

    From the Links for PSU wattage calculation I get like 300Watts so I guess a quality one in 400 would do the trick
  9. RightMark CPU Clock has option to select 50% Throttling depend on cpu usage,
    I suggest to close RightMark CPU Clock, monitor the cpu speed by cpuz, and run a super pie 32M.
    when you paln to buy a new power supply, you need some headroom for future upgrade.
  10. You might have CPU defect. AMD does not throttle. Thats all I know. Its only the Cool n Quite feature when it goes down clock speeds.
  11. bob8701 said:
    RightMark CPU Clock has option to select 50% Throttling depend on cpu usage,
    I suggest to close RightMark CPU Clock, monitor the cpu speed by cpuz, and run a super pie 32M.
    when you paln to buy a new power supply, you need some headroom for future upgrade.

    CPUZ doesnt show anything . it shows the core remaining at 2999 , 3000 , 3001 something like that . Also I bought a new PSU and still same problem so it wasn't psu . :fou:
  12. OMG I have same problem and don't know hot to fix!!! Only happens in games, 100% CPU usage and for about 10secs then back to full frame rate again.

    Cool'n'Quiet disabled
    CPU is only 40degrees celsius

    What is going on!
  13. Carefully read and consider these ...

    Computers that are running Windows XP Service Pack 2 and that are equipped with multiple processors that support processor power management features may experience decreased performance

    Game performance may be poor on a Windows XP-based computer that is using a dual-core processor

    XP was not originally designed for dual-core microprocessors. The 'throttling' is not uncommon if the power management features are not configured properly and the 'clock time stamp' is not addressed.

    It is my understanding that you should install either the MS Hotfix or the AMD Optimizer - not both. (But I think some folks have install both without a conflict so YMMV ....

    Let us know how it works out ...
  14. Heh.. no one asked about the power schemes (power options)?

    Try changing the power scheme to "Always On". It works for speed step, not sure on cool n quiet.
  15. I know the solution to this as i have the same problem. It's simply about processor/ motherboard compatibility, and how many volts the motherboard allows for the CPU. If the motherboard doesn't allow 125W for the CPU (and the AM2 6000+ requires this), then the reaction received from the system is to throttle the processor. Say for example, the motherboard allows 89W for the CPU (which is seen in most other AMD x2 64 processors) yet the processor needs 125W, the motherboard will throttle the CPU, either in order to prevent damage to itself or other components, or as an automated solution to errors of this kind.

    A no-cost solution i discovered through trial and error is to fiddle around with the power scheme settings. I run vista myself, and i can change processor speed through the power settings. This works as a percentage, and changes the clock speed of the processor and presumably the voltage too. If i change mine to 70%, the processor runs at 2.2Ghz instead of 3Ghz and the throttling no longer occurs. This does cost you in performance however, so it's either spend nothing - lower performance, or..

    Buy a new motherboard. A new motherboard which supports AM2 125W processors (such as the m2n-E by asus) will cure the problem as it will allow for the correct voltage without any consequences (the throttling). I recommend, if possible, buying a full sized ATX motherboard as these will generally have support for more demanding CPUs, more so than the mATX boards.

    I realise this thread is a bit old, but for anyone who has the same problem or a similar problem - here's the answer.
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