What is the best configuration to build an SLI PC?

I am looking to spend 1000. What is the best configuration to build an SLI PC? The most bang fo my buck! I never built a pc before, but am pretty handy. Any advice or tutorials online?
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  1. So, given that you mention SLI, we'll assume you are gaming. Are you planning on (or interested in) overclocking? Any parts you're planning on reusing (monitor, OS, optical drives)?

    As for advice and tutorials, yes, there are lots, have you looked at the main site yet? How about this link shortly off the main page:

    Of course, you'd want to substitute an 8800GT for the 8800GTS-320.
  2. TBH sli is just not worth it. Most games dont support it well. Most games that do support it dont optimise for it well. A bigger cpu and single gpu is just about always better. SLI is mainly appealing to extremists or those looking for a cheap upgrade.

    If you do SLI then 2 8800gts are key for performance per $$$ atm.

    TBH though a top end Nvidia is will yeild you far less problems and 99% of the time its about the same money when you take into account the cost of the MB, PSU, cooling and everything else. Taking sli out of the picture realy equals a much smoother machine overall compared to the variables with it. Consider as well noise.
  3. Okay bro sli is out, lets build one then, the above unit was built verbatim by you guys and your advise, I know the case is still good, and maybe the power supply, hd and dvd. Mb, vid card, cpu and memory I guess is left.

    I purchased all lasttime through the egg.

  4. jerseygamer said:
    If you do SLI then 2 8800gts are key for performance per $$$ atm.

    Have you not seen the thousands of 8800GT reviews? They are faster and cheaper than the GTS

    If you want a good dual GPU gaming rig id be incline to turn to AMD(ATI) get a good x38 board ASUS or Gigabyte, that gives you full 16x on 2 slots and get either 2x HD3850 or HD3870 they are cheaper than the 8800series and the scaling on the crossfire is far better than the SLI is or ever was.http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/246618-33-hd3870-crossfire-8800gt-review

    Antec 900
    E6750 or Q6600
    Asus P5E
    2x HD3850 or 70
    Corsair 620HX
    4gb RAM DDR2 800
    Vista 64bit for DX10 (if your into that or stick with XP)

    Oops $1000 bux budget i think i went way over lol... have you already got some parts? cause i dont htink your making an dual card system for that.
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