Question on video card choice for S-video, and future HD hook up

I'm needing some advice for buying a good video card so i can hook up my computer to my T.V. First a few questions:

I want to hook my computer up to my 32 inch T.V. in my living room, through the s-video plug in on the back of the video card to the s-video plug on back of computer so i can watch things on my T.V. from the internet and stuff:

When it comes to getting a good picture quality on my T.V. through the s-video connection Does the card you have determine how well the picture will look on your T.V.?

I know that with video cards, for gaming, you want a video card with high clock speeds, and Pixel pipelines and enough memory. Do those things matter when it comes to picking a video card for T.V. use? If not what does? What video cards should i be looking for. I also want to mention It's not for games, just T.V watching so Thats not and issue.

I plan on eventually getting a Projector and hooking the computer to that via the HDTV connection on the projector. What will make my HDTV picture look good when dealing with the video card first?

also, My nieghbor has a 52 inch T.V. that is over 10 years old and it has a s-video jack on the back of the T.V. I told her i could hook her computer to that T.V. so she dosn't have to get up and go to the computer in the other room were the monitor is. She is real sick and on oxygen and less moving would be better for her, and having her t.v. to also be her Monitor for her computer would save a trip. I'll just buy her a wireless mouse or something so it can stay next to her on her desk. How will the picture quallity turn out with her big t.v? Will her picture quality be good with such a big t.v? As with the top info, does what video card you purchase determine how well the picture will look?

Last, Why don't they make video cards with Component video jacks on the back or the video card??? Only thing I've seen is HDTV hookup and the s-video.

Any info on this subject would help tremendesly in buying the right card for the job. THanks.
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  1. Almost any video card will drive a TV (even onboard) I would say look at an 8600GT for yourself. Something to consider with the neighbors setup would be how to get sound from the pc to the tv. The picture quality on the old 52" set might be a problem, because it probably only supports 640x480 or 704X480 which will make everything on the 52" huge, almost too big.
  2. Quote:
    Almost any video card will drive a TV (even onboard) I would say look at an 8600GT for yourself

    Could you recomend a card that would be a little cheaper. The cheapest 8600 Gt was $73 on newegg and even that was after a $20 rebate. I was hoping to find something in the price range of $40-$70. Also it will probally be a year or 2 before i do get a projector So for now getting a Good one for the S-video setup(for mine) and at least handle a projector, when i do get one, untill I buy a better video card for the Projector. No gaming, and my current t.v. I'm connecting it to is a normal 32 curve screen T.V.

    The picture quality on the old 52" set might be a problem, because it probably only supports 640x480 or 704X480 which will make everything on the 52" huge, almost too big.

    What card would you recomend for the 52 inch T.V.? And Huge would be good for her because she has a hard time seeing, LOL.
  3. Are you playing HD movies?

    If not, since you don't game, then something as lowly as an a Radeon 9200 or X300 or Geforce 6300 would be fine, avoid the FX series only because of poor RAMDACs (which will be what drives the SV and VGA outputs).

    They don't make component out because it's a big piece of hardware to support limited number of users, so instead they make dongles/adapters for the VGA/DVI output of cards, like this;

    The main issue in my opinion for recommending to you is to find out the slots you need to support and then go from there. I assume her PC is AGP, but if you need PCI then that may limit your selection. AGP already keeps the GF8600 out of contention anyways.

    I know they have PCI versions of the X1550 which would be my recommendation for the best fit for the role if you are so limited, and then going with a cheaper card for her.

    Here's some NewEgg links (don't read the reviews, most are from pi$$ed off gamers who thought these cards would give them awesome gameplay because it was a 256-512MB card) :pfff:

    This would be a starting point for her on PCI;
    with these being a little better to the best;

    But price becomes an issue at the top end, but PCI is among the most expensive for the little weak stuff you get.

    For AGP cheap to best;

    That last one being probably the best bang for the buck by a long shot for now and into the near future with alot of features. There are some GF7300/77600 and X1600/1650 cards out there as well, but none will come close to that HD2400 for what you're doing with.

    For PCIe-16X you options are a bit better and cheaper per card cheapest to best; <-(heavy MIR but great price afterwards)

    for the rare PCIe 1x slot situation (like in a Dell / emachines / HP) you have only one option near your price;

    And that's alot of money for very little card performance/features.

    NOW, if you DO play HD content, then I would recommend you get at least an X1600 or GF7600 card, and better yet the HD2400 and above or the GF8400 and above, with the higher the support supporting the more demanding video.

    However I'd say if you have either AGP or PCIe 16X the HD2400Pro is your best bet, and for the PCIe 16X the option of theGF8500 or HD2600 are a nice boost.

    But for basic windows type use and basic DVD playback any of those above will do fine, just be sure to run at the resolution of the TV. Text will be a little blurrier than on a monitor but that's a function of the scan lines with an edge-bleeding/blending CRT tube(s).
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