help all new components but wont power up?????

how do mateys!

Just bought an Asus P5K-E mobo, 2gb OCZ reaper memory, Hiper type-r psu (540watt i think) and a Q6600 (G0 stepping quad core). Connected it all up with my old hd and my mates old PCI graphics card and when i press the old power button the light comes on the mobo and the psu and cpu fans kick in but then it all shuts down after about a second. Nothing comes up on screen, so i'm a bit stuck as what to start changing??? Any help will be much appreciated.

Cheers Ta
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  1. If you're not even posting or able to get to BIOS, then something is DOA or you installed improperly. Take everything out of the case and set it on a piece of cardboard or wood. Put only 1 GB of RAM in (if it's not Dual-Channel, otherwise just put it all in) and the PCI card. Power up and see if you can get to BIOS with that. If that works, then start adding HDD, optical drives, etc. Also ensure that everything is properly seated and call wired connections are securely in place.

    If you are getting any kind of boot screen at all. Then you probably just need to do a repair install of Windows or whatever OS you were using before since it's got all your old hardware drivers in there.

    Are 4/8-pin CPU & 24-pin mobo power connectors plugged in? If so, is the cpu 8-pin? If so, try 4-pin. It's labelled CPU1 or something like that.

    Are ram sticks in yellow slots? Try black slots.

    Is cpu cooler from Intel? If so, you might have installed it incorrectly. The 4 pins must be pushed all the way down. If any can be gently twisted loose, it's not all down.

    Is the cpu fan connected plugged in?

    Have you cleared cmos?
  3. This may sound stupid, but I was just reading a post last night about something very, very similar to this:

    Does your PSU have a switch on it for 110 / 220? Check it.
  4. I agree with Akhilles, check that the memory is in the correct slots..
    usually same color 1/3 and 2/4 are usual pairs.

    also... check if you mistakenly installed the IDE cables reversed of your HDD.. this usually makes your computer turn on, keep the "IDE" led turned on, then shutdown.
  5. Cheers for the help forgot to plug in the extra 4pin power in haha i knew it would be something simple it always is
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