Lightweight Browser and System Tweaks questions

I am using K-Meleon right now and it seems pretty lightweight...was just curious if there were some better alternatives out there. I'm running XP Pro SP 3 on:

MSI Wind U110-031US Metallic Gray Intel Atom Z530(1.60GHz) 10.0" WSVGA 1GB Memory 160GB HDD Netbook

And am upgrading the ram to 2gb from 1gb with
Kingston HyperX 2GB 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200) Laptop Memory Model KHX4200S2LL/2G 3cas!!

Was also wanting maybe a link to some good XP and other system and software tweaks to make this baby run faster. I already did the blackviper tweaks (safe tweaks only)

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  1. Quote:
    just curious if there were some better alternatives out there.

    Give this a look.
  2. I have chrome but I have a problem with netbook is a weakling but each tab of chrome opens up as a new exe in task manager...which means if im streaming pandora radio my computer becomes almost unusable...not so with firefox and it doesnt seem that way with kmeleon. only problem with firefox is its sick memory little netbook cant handle it. i heard the new opera and safari are both memory intense too. I was hoping for a lite load on cpu and ram for (mostly cpu since im upgrading ram). I still want basic user interface though..i.e. no text only browsers and stuff like that. What I don't understand about kmeleon is it seems to stutter...most noticeably on this site actually. When I check task manager though it is using low resources; don't really understand that lol.
  3. still thanks for the interesting read though, i use chrome and FF on my desktop all the time!
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