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My computer has a black screen and has a messgae bootmgr is missing hit alt,ctrl,del to restart and everytime I do this the same thing happens each time and I have no back up CD what can I do to fix this HELPPPP
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  1. Thanks but when I hit any key it does the same thing goes back to the black screen. It tells me to hit F2, or F12 and show me some writing but when you hit enter it goes back to the same stuff.
  2. when you start the computer you will see it asking you to press F2 if you want to go into BIOS and F12 if you want to choose where to startup from (hdd, cd/dvd, etc). Do not press anything wait for this screen to go away and once it goes press F8 repeatedly until you get some writing with a list of options for startup.... Select Repair your computer or something along those lines.... (then do as purus said) select startup repair...
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