DirectX 9.0c problem.

I've been having problems with directx9.0c The dxdiag tells me my gcdef.dll is an old version. So I go and try to reinstall to the latest version of Directx using February's 2010 package on the microsoft website.
When I do that, the installation that I try to run to reinstall directx9.0c stops and tells me that there has been a problem and to check my Directx.log. I can't replace the gcdef.dll and I can't reinstall Directx9.0c I did download Nvidia's latest driver for Geforce 6 series.
I have Windows SP2.
Here is what it says in my directx.log:
04/26/10 17:10:05: dsetup32: === SetupForDirectX() start ===
04/26/10 17:10:05: dsetup32: DXSetupCommand = 0.
04/26/10 17:10:05: DXSetup: DSetupCallback(): Phase = 0, Steps = 0
04/26/10 17:10:05: dsetup32: DirectXSetupIsJapanese == 0
04/26/10 17:10:05: dsetup32: DirectXSetupIsJapanNec == 0
04/26/10 17:10:05: dsetup32: Installing on WinXP SP2
04/26/10 17:10:05: dsetup32: Installation ended with value 0 = Installation succeeded
04/26/10 17:10:05: DXSetup: WM_APP_ENDINSTALL
04/26/10 17:10:05: DXSetup: ~CDXWSetup()

How do I solve this?
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  1. Download and install SP3. You should then re-install DirectX 9.0c
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