C2q6600 and Asus P5N-E SLI, Bad Cobination?

I had a C2D 2.1 and I cranked it up to 2.99 stable as a rock for over a year. Took a little while but like I said, once I got set it up, it was as stable as a rock. This Quad though, hummm.. Won't do noting and If it does only stays stable for a day and on next reboot....problems. I have read that this chipset doesn't like Quads. What the hell. I have it at stock right now for stability and it's dissapointing.
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  1. LOL, 6x0i boards and quads just dont like to work, for various reasons. Prolly the intel vs nvidia junk. Who knows.

    You'll just have to play around with the board until you find a decent FSB setting that it likes to boot with. Although a minimal OC was never a problem. It seems that the problems usually start at about 2.8ish.

    Other than that, you have an excellent chip!

    Next time you are at stock. (like now.) Disable speed step, and run core temp version 0.96.1 and list your chips stepping and VID, please? (Just to be sure, run any powerful program and watch the VID field and make sure that it doesnt change.)


  2. :D

    that was the combination I had first. Good luck getting past 2.8Ghz...if you do...it'll be a rare one.

    Lupi tried to help me also. Was never able to OC past 2.6Ghz. Bad combo. Gave up and picked up a p35 board. Voila -- 3.4Ghz easily.

    then i picked up the e6750 and put that with the p5ne to test the theory. voila again -- 3.6Ghz easily.

    ....so if you want to oc that q6600 -- get a p35 mobo.
  3. Stepping= Go
    Vid= 1.3125v
    Temps= 42-46c
  4. Just set the north bridge to 1.45 or so, lower the cpu multiplier to 7 and set the FSB for 400 and see where it boots with no problems... if you can find a spot, then just up the multi to x 8 for 3.2 and add some VCore.

    Since your chip is a high VID, at 3.2, just set the vcore to 1.4250 in your bios. (Depending on vdroop!) That should be fine for 3.2. If it boots there, test it for a while until you are sure it can be used as a staging grounds for a higher OC. (Woah, it said for 3.5, 1.4250 should be fine for 3.2!! *edit*)

    Then again, there are like 10 or 15% of people that say that their board happens to work fine! So hopefully yours will!

    Disable all spread spectrum junk, disable all the CPU options but internal cache. Like speed step, C1e, vanderpool, disable bit... Enable load line calibration if you have it. Set your CPU PLL voltage higher than your VCore but about .1 Up the FSB voltage a little bit. Turn off static read control, clock twister, transaction booster...

    There is a start!

    Good luck!

  5. Will try that next chance I get to play with it. Thanks Lupiron!
  6. Kewl, I will watch to see what happens. You are familiar with how you get the CPU frequency itself, right? FSB x Multiplier = CPU speed. So you can hunt down one that works with a low multiplier so its where you know its safe to operate.

    Then just tailor the FSB until you get it into windows, then try and increase the speed!

  7. Whats a good Vista 64 based overclocking tool?
  8. Woah, to do what? Your Bios is the best tool... ati tools and riva tuner for vid cards... Uhh... DL NVidias 650i forceware and NTune performance suite?

  9. Didn't have much luck with the software based tweekers. I like the using bios. Didn't know if I was just old fashion or maybe their was something better out.

    BTW, I found that once I set my memory to Auto and not set manually to the memory specs, IE 4-4-4-12, my blue screens disappeared. Now I am using the AI net to over clock. Currently at just 10% at 2.637 with a stable VID at 1.3125v Temps= 40-45c at ilde.
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