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I have an ASUS K8N-E Deluxe mobo, it's a socket 754 AMD64 board and I tested out my new HDD to make sure it wasn't dead, then I reformatted (nothing important on my computer, just reformatted it last week). Now in my BIOS my raptor is showing up as Third IDE Master, with my old harddrive as the primary IDE master. Over on the Boot screen I can not choose the raptor as a boot device. Does this mobo not support booting from a sata drive? Do I need to plug it in to a different sata port? (It's in #1 right now) Any clues would be great.
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  1. perhaps unplugging the old harddrive will make the raptor be primary master. then after the raptor is primary master, u can plug the old one back in
  2. do you have your ide drive set on master, or is it set on slave or cable select, if on master try slave, then cable select if that doesnt work either
  3. Yep, move the jumpers.
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