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I use my 5 yr old Dell XPS 400 present system for Word, photos, TV(sports and poker) and DVD viewing, browsing, with a lot of time spent on video games. I have about 12 games, Half-life, COD series, (Crysis here but unloaded), etc. They're addicting! Except for 19" monitor, I'm pretty satisfied. I saw a Samsung 245 at a store and was truly impressed by its detail and clarity! One of 2 grandsons we're raising needs a computer. Mine would great for his first one.

So by early spring 2008, I'll be shopping for a new one. While I could most likely self-assemble one, I would most likely buy one from a computer assembler (Dell, Puget, Velocity, Cyber, etc). I'm frugal, but I know you only get what you pay for and no system is future proof. My desires in a new system are: 1) a graphics card(s) that will give me the best performance on a 24" 1900x1200 playing Crysis, or any in-the-future similar games; 2) any info or opinions you may have regarding my extensive TV, DVD viewing as how HDTV conversion will impact a new system; 3) staying with Nvidia products.

I'd certainly appreciate any input from the vast knowledge base and experiences of this forum's members I've enjoyed reading over the last 6 months. I have the money, and considering what I've mentioned, what possible config. would you put together. In other words, your ideal system. Thanks much and here's hoping you have great and safe uncoming holidays.
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  1. Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    Why don't you ask again at the end of February... Things will change A LOT in the next few months. Any advice you get today will be mostly wrong by spring. For example you will be able to get a Q9450 CPU and a 8800GTS G92 video card, which are not available right now. Right now I'd recommend Q6600/8800GT, but by March neither would be the best choice any more.
  2. for right now if you want the computer right away, i'd say the same combo of q6600/ 8800gt, you said you had the money, but do you have a total amount for a budget that you'd like to be within, it helps with decisions, but also i would wait to, im in the same dilemma, i want a new computer now, but i'd like to save money, and can do so in spring
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