Is it OK to keep 8500GT OC'd 27/7 ?

Hey all...I did a search and couldn't find what I needed so here it goes. I OC'd my 8500GT to get an extra boost in games and my question is, is it safe to keep it overclocked 24/7 ? I play games at random times and I hate having to turn RivaTuner on and off each time. If so, I will just make RivaTuner load my settings at boot. I was just afraid of messing up my card for some reason. By the way, cooling is not an issue when overclocked because my idle is 42c and my full load is 56c. Thank you in advance...

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  1. Yeah 56C is great this card is stable up to 80C but I would make sure it stays under 60C for longer lifetime.
  2. Per the title of this thread it is impossible to OC your 8500GT 27/7 cause there are only 24 hours in a day.
  3. Yes Jaguar, I realized the typo after I posted. It would be nice though to have 27 hours in a day which will give me 3 more hours to play games!
  4. There shouldn't be any problems, it will last for quite a bit, unless you let it overheat (>85C).
  5. Thanks for the info. My temps will not be a problem, but I wanted to make sure they my 8500GT would not get messed up from higher frequencies. By the way, my overclock speeds are 670 core/1374 shader/475 memory. Thats the highest stable I could get.

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