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Iam going to make my first system build, and I will be mainly be using this computer for gaming. Of course since it is my first time building I will have my friend, who is a professional with computers, to help me build. I came to these forums because I seek information. I’ve been on those gaming computer websites like Alienware, HP Blackbird, and Dell XPS. And all these computers average $5000. I would like not just a regular gaming computer but one of the highest quality/ performance ones I can get.

All information given to me will be taken into great thought and will be appreciated.

I am not on a budget build so tell me everything your thoughts desire.

Yes I would like a 24" monitor or larger, but sadly I cant because I just got my new desk which looks really nice, but that way its built I cant fit a monitor any larger than 24"

Will SLI really be needed for me? Since I will only be running a 24" maximum.

Iam not a complete "noob" to computer components, I know what Iam looking for and Ive checked out charts and done my research.

I will be building my computer around these components: Intel, Nvidia, Corsair, Western Digital, Hitachi. For the motherboard, I like Gigabyte and ASUS the most, But I've heard ASUS has many problems on alot of boards.
680i, X38, 780i, or X48?

I currently have a Laptop and Desktop, both cant handle the new games, The desktop Is nearly 6 years old. And the Laptop is 2 years old.

DDR2 or DDR3? Why or Why Not? With the new 45nm DDR3 would be extremely fast? Also Future proof if I get DDR3.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 for 45nm
RAM: 4Gb Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066MHz
OS: Windows Xp Professional 64Bit
HDD: Western Digital Raptor 150GB
Video Card:
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Fata1ity
Optical Drive:

X38 probably because I would like the new 45nm processers. But I do also want SLI, I might have to wait for the 780i.
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  1. I need help configering my system.

    I know these:

    4GB Ram "Corsair Dominator"
    Windows xp professional 64-bit
    Western Digital Raptor HDD
    And 500GB of storage
    Nvidia 8800

    X38 probably because I would like the new 45nm processers. But I do also want SLI, I might have to wait for the 780i.
  2. Do I need SLI, my monitor is going to be no more than 24"
  3. you need sli

    dual 8800gt's

    wait for x48...supports new fsb1600, which x38 doesn't.

    everything else is fine.
  4. You sure? People been saying you dont need SLI unless you got like 30"

    will X48 support sli and 45n? I know 780i will.
  5. Its not about the size of your monitor, it's about the resolution it displays. Do you need SLI ? Dual GPUs are better than one of course, but SLI is not perfect. But if you don't have a fixed budget, maybe you should have SLI. The "Sli or not" question is usually for people on a budget.
  6. Ok, Couple of questions here:

    Anyone know a good motherboard that supports 45nm out of the box? because I read some reviews on that the Gigabyte X38 boards need a Bios update to support 45nm(QX9650).

    I picked Gigabyte over Asus because Gigabyte has less, maybe even no returns for there X38 motherboards, but If you read reviews on Asus you see people returning the X38 motherboards for tons of reasons. This makes me believe that Asus isnt so great...?

    Would SLI Nvidia 8800GT's be better than SLI Nvidia 880GTX's?

    Any information about dates on when the X48 or 780i motherboards will come out?

  7. Iclone said:

    Would SLI Nvidia 8800GT's be better than SLI Nvidia 880GTX's?

    If by "better" you mean "faster" the answer is, no. The performance of the 8800GT is in between the 8800GTS and 8800GTX.
  8. So its better than GTS?

    What would you recemmend for me? GT or GTX?
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