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I have a dell pc. Two hard drives together set up as RAID. One hard drive has Error Occurred (0) next to it when booting up and the PC does not boot up it stops there and says something like cannot read disc press ctrl + alt + del to restart. Also what is interesting when I launch up the intel pentium sign as extreme next to it. I was never on the xtreme version.

Any ideas?
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  1. Sounds to me that the RAID array died/one of the HDD's died. (this is the reason I don't RAID my HDD's) You may need to re-install the RAID, and Windows.
  2. So will i loose all data
  3. Not a problem. After you reload the OS on a new drive, just restore your data from your backups.
  4. I dont have any backups
  5. doom...Doom...DOOM.........doom..............dooooommmm.........
  6. Remove the disk that is showing up as "Error Occurred(0)" and then try to boot the system. You should boot up with a degraded RAID1 volume.
  7. Then do I loose data that was on the error hard drive, if i unplug it and the other gets degraded

  8. The first time I read your post, I thought I saw that you have a RAID1, but I now see that I was mistaken-- what RAID level are you using? RAID1, RAID0, or something else?
  9. Level RAID0(Stripe)

  10. Your screwed.

    First check each drive with the manufacturers drive testing program. get the one that is the bootable DOS ISO and use ISO Recorder, or other ISO burning software, to burn the ISO to CD. If both drives are good, then you can follow SomeJoe7777's advice on recovering the data. I have never done it, because I don't RAID, and it will cost some cash, but it is the cheapest way out if you really need the data.

    Always back up your data, especially if you are using RAID0. I guess you learned that the hard way.

    SomeJoe7777 said:
    You use's RAID Reconstructor to destripe the drives to an .img file on a 3rd drive. Then you use's GetDataBack for NTFS to pull files out of the .img.
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