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Screen Postition Reset When I Reboot

January 12, 2013 5:26:16 PM

First off long time reader, first time poster
If this topic is already in another thread I apologize

So I am using windows 7 and display fusion to have separate wallpapers on each of my monitors

The 2 monitors I am using are both the same size however one has slightly more plastic in the build than the other so it is a bit higher

I choose right click > screen resolution to adjust the position of the two screens
(if there is a better/smarter way that I should be doing this please let me know)
I raised my second monitor 74 pixels and it is perfectly lined up :) 

However when I reboot my comp it shows up fine at first but after a few seconds of being on windows desktop the screens go black for a split sec and the other screen readjusts thus making my wallpapers higher then it should be cutting off some of the image (just fyi the screen flashing black for that sec is just the screens readjusting not any problems with my vid card or monitors, my system is brand new)

Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a solution to it