Graphics card problems - stripes on monitor

Graphics Card - Palit Nvidia 7600GT

Recently, while playing HL2 demo my system hanged and I pressed the reset button.
While booting I noticed a strange problem.

There were stripes on the monitor. I have attached the pictures.
Another thing is that, these stripes appear only when I connect the graphics card (Palit Nvidia 7600 GT).
There are no problems with the integrated graphics(the system worked fine when I remove the graphics card).

I have tried removing and reinserting the graphics card, cleaning it, etc. but to no avail.

Also, while trying to update the drivers for the card the the OS (Windows XP Pro - updated) crashes and get the BSOD
STOP: 0x000000050


Please HELP!!!.

Should I reinstall the OS? Is the graphics card busted?

Post if any more information is required.

My configuration is:
AMD Athlon 3500+ 2.2 GHz
1 GB Transcend RAM
Seagate SATA HDD 80 GB x 2
Gigabyte GA - K8N51GMF - 9 with integrated Nvidia 6100 graphics
400 SMPS

and Palit Nvidia 7600 GT

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Have tried another power supply? I have had a few Radeon 9800 cards do this when they have low power. If you have a cheap power supply it could be the issue.
    Try to do a repair install of Windows. According to Microsoft stop 0x00000050 is a bad kernel driver.
  2. Hey
    I have the same problem. Did you find a fix to your problem?
    Thanx in advance.
  3. considering there is artifacts on the BIOS screen it's nothing to do with Windows. maybe it's a bad DVI to VGA adapter.
  4. :hello: I had the same problem 6 months ago, even i would have given the same pics. I fixed it by removing the monitor cable from the gpu (9600 gt) to onboard graphics and back and some other similar stuff, rebooting the system several time during the process(until success)........ :sarcastic: i was dripping in sweat and my mom said take a rest, i thought yeah i should give the system some rest...i came on the net to find a solution , after two hoursi tried again and the problem was completely should because my gpu is only 1 year old....wonder if this might help u in any way....but don't loose hope it might just go away with slight effort, just like it went away twice with me..... :bounce: I would suggest try stuff with cables and connections...and also keep ur
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