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Dimension 2400 Drivers?

Hey guys,
I inherited a computer so I figured I'd reformat it and re-install XP Pro. Since doing this I realized I don't have any driver disks, and that XP didn't even have an ethernet driver for the computer so I can't use the internet to get them. How would you all recommend I get the drivers? I found this website but I don't know what to do with them once their downloaded on my second machine? What route would you all go? I was thinking I could throw the .bin file for the ethernet driver on a flash drive from my other machine, then get the internet working on the dell and use it to download the rest as I see necessary. Which are really necessary to get? Just like ethernet, video, sound?

Also how do I go about installing the drivers I download? Do I just double click the .bin file and it'll open the appropriate application or do I have to go into the device manager and point to the .bin file? I have some experience with doing this, but not enough to remember how to do it. It'd be nice to have a brief summary or a step by step walkthrough. I remember it being quite simple though.

Thanks a ton guys!
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  1. Installing driver's shouldn't be difficult for any PC user.
    Just move the install files (of the drivers) to the Dell PC, extract (if they archived in RAR/ZIP file) and install them.

    If you need more detailed explanation - just say and I'll help as much as I can.

    Click on "Drivers and Downloads"
    Select Product Type
    Select Product Model
    Press GO
  3. He said that his already got the drivers from dell website, he just don't know what to do with them / how to install them.
  4. Alright thanks guys, that was rediculously easy. I shouldn't have even wasted the server space on that post lol.

    Now that I've got the Network Driver up and running, is there a Windows utility or some free application I can use to update ALL my drivers at once? Or do I have to manually download each one off the website? I feel like I remember using the device manager and seeing a yellow exclamation point on a device that needs a driver update. Sorry, it's been like 6 months since I've used windows.

    In the event that I must download them manually and individually off the website, is there a few that are critical that I can download, and leave the rest alone? Or would you recommend downloading all of them?
  5. You should download them manually. Most of those 3rd party driver managers are shotty. Download the most recent drivers, for the hardware that you have.

    If you have a conflict in the device manager (yellow !), you can download that specific driver.
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    Updates to drivers usually only fix minor glitches in the driver. Having the latest and greatest driver is not always necessary. I'd follow the old maxim: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And, never install a driver under beta test.

    If you want to pay for the service, give this a read...

    EDIT: I agree with aford10 about the third party driver managers, but I provided the link so you could make up your own mind.
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