Vista Ultimate UNexpected shutdowns/freezeups on a newly built rig.

so i built this new rig during the summer running vista and its been working just grandly. but recently i've been getting unexpected shutdowns and difficulties with numerous programs. I also have tried to reinstall winxp and it freezes and restarts while checking the setup. My specs are as follows.

vista ultimate
msi p6n sli platinum 650i
core 2 duo e6700
4gb of corsair 800 ram (only 3 are showing up in vista...grrr)
150gb raptor 10,000rpm
evga 8800gts
multiple Tbs of storage
700w ps
thermaltake case

im close to contacting the geek squad for help even though i have no clue if they will be able to help. this semi-noob could really use some words of wisdom :]
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  1. Check your temperatures on your mobo,cpu and gpu as well as the voltages from your PSU.Good luck.
  2. I would try running a mem test. I mean, if you are only seeing three sticks...maybe one of them is bad.

    I remember, on my father's system, one of the sticks died on him and he started having problems. Atleast take it down to one stick and see if it crashes still.
  3. The same thing happened to me all my hardware was working just fine, not overclocked, proper voltages.
    I have to reinstall Vista to make it stable again.
    Now it works as it has in the past, which is to say slower than win xp pro and my linux install.
  4. If it's not the software and the memory, you could have a bad power supply.

    You could try loading a Linux LiveCD to see if the problems disappear.
  5. Quote:
    4gb of corsair 800 ram (only 3 are showing up in vista...grrr)

    This is to be expected if you are running 32 bit vista Ultimate. You will need a 64 bit OS to use all 4 gig.

    Another issue with RAM unrelated to the above: Some motherboards have a hard time with all slots populated with RAM. Try running only two sticks until you sort this out.

    Since you have same problem with XP you have a hardware problem of some sort. Could be BIOS settings or could be hardware failure.

    1. As suggested run memtest86 and try to isolate a possible bad ram
    2. Try a different PSU
    3. Check temps for overheating, back off any overclocked settings.
    4. Check your RAM settings in BIOS. Speed, timings, and voltages. Be sure your RAM voltage has not dropped back to a default setting below what your Corsair needs.
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