EVGA 8600GT cooling?

I have an EVGA 8600GT Superclocked and it gets hot with the stock cooler. What is everyone else using on there 8600s for cooling?
Before anyone asks "why did you get the 8600GT?" The answer is because it was a gift, and only intended to hold me over for a couple months when I build a new computer. It was an "upgrade" to my X850XT PE. It does not have the performance of the X850XT PE, but it has far more features.
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  1. just how hot is it getting? Unlike CPU's, GPU's are designed to get up into the 90 degrees celcius range.
  2. I know they are designed to handle the high heat. I think that it is only hitting the mid to high 70s. The only reason it bothers me is that it begins to affect it's performance. It starts to stutter. The frame rates will slow down to the point that I can't stand to play game. There have been a few times that I have thought of just taking it out, and putting my X850XT back in. The only reason that I bought this card is for it's ability to support DX10 games, which it does not do well enough to impress me.
  3. Quote:
    The only reason that I bought this card is for it's ability to support DX10 games, which it does not do well enough to impress me

    What settings do you run your games at and what games?
  4. Your stuttering may have other sources, such as memory or potentially even an overheating cpu (which could be caused in part by hot GPU). Make sure first of all that you have adequate airflow through your case.

    The video card should not be lowering its own speeds at those temps, which is why the blame should be placed on some other component in your system.
  5. @physx7: I play them at what I can. Most of the time I try to keep the resolution at 1440x900, mainly due to my monitor looking like crap below that. It should be a mid range card, so I try to play my games at medium to high depending on the age of the game, and requirements. I mainly am running demos right now because I can't fit much into my budget, my winter car broke down, and my summer one stands no chance on the iced over roads. I have tried to play Bioshock on it, and that was a real let down. It would not play at all at anything above min and 640x480. Even then it played horrible.

    @rayzor: The processor runs about 37C. I don't have a way of seeing what the ram is doing temp wise, but to the touch it is cooler than the room, which is ~20C right now. Another thing that makes me fairly certain it is the video is the fact that my X850 did not have this issue.
    The Specs of the machine are:
    CPU: Amd Athlon 3800 X2 @ 2.1ghz (slight over clock, I can push it to 2.4 before I lose stability)
    Video: EVGA nVidia 8600GT Super Clocked
    Motherboard: EVGA nForce 4 SLI
    PSU: Ultra Xconnect 2 550 watt
    Ram: 2Gb (2x512 Cosair XMS 2x512 OCZ (?) the timing I can see on the board are tRAS: 5 tRCD:2 tRP:2 CL:2)

    On another note nTune can adjust the rams tRCD and tRP to 1, which is not an option for manual settings.
    My second hottest part is the hard drives, which have there own cooling, and are not located to near anything, the temp in that area average 40C. According to my Ultra fan commander, before it started to die anyways.
  6. Idea, Check on newegg, though you can find them on ebay, should be under 10 bucks, but maybe try one of those PCI slot cooler fans. It fits and takes up a pci slot, but I'm wondering if that might help get some heat off the GPU. If nothing else create a nice breeze under the GPU heatsink/fan and get cooler air onto the chip.
  7. You could even open up your case and put a fan blowing on it..........
  8. Should have updated this. I found the issue was the fan was shutting off. I reinstalled the drivers, an now the fan works fine. Still a little warm, but I am fine as long a it plays smooth. The only thing that I don't quite get is why the fan would shut off. I could go into the control panel and turn the speed to 100% and it would spin to full. Have it on auto, temps reach 70+ the fan shut off. Same drivers used to replace the old ones. Bioshock also plays fine now. Guess it was just a bad download. Both times I downloaded it, it came from nVidia. What first caused me to watch the fan was curiosity. Watched it boot into Vista one time, and noticed it stopped in Vista as soon as I logged in. and then it would start when I went into the game, then the temps would go up, and it would stop again. First time I have ever seen this issue.
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