Need help picking mobo asap!! buying pc today

ok here is build and i need a motherboard for it, thanks (remember has to worth with ram). Also i would like it to have pci-e 2.0 because i am going to upgrade to the nvidia D9E (nvidia 9 series) at a later date when they come out.

also if you would like to make suggestions on the build that would be great

XFX GPU 8800 GTS 512 MB $339.99 -

CPU Intel Q6600 $268.99 -

WD 750 GB HD $165.98 -

Mobo - ??

Corsair XMS2 ram $74.99 -

OCZ 700Watt psu $88.98 -

Thermalright ULTRA-120 hs $64.98 -

Scythe S-FLEX $10.49 -

LG G-H20NS10 Black DVD $31.99 -

Creative Labs Sound Blaster $101.12 -
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  1. If you plan on running only one video card, get a p5k
  2. How are we supposed to recommend a motherboard when you've given no specific requirements?
  3. how have i given no specific requirements.. iv shown the system ill be using and said i want it to be able to run future gpu's so it needs pci-e 2.0
  4. My bad, then a x38/48 mobo
  5. That's only one. I meant all of them. Well, a LOT of old boards can do IDE/PATA/SATA, so your point?

    The only option is X38, but there are a few brands. Now if you overclock, we can narrow it down to 1 or 2 choices.
  6. if your going for DDR2, then you cant go wrong with MAXIMUS FORMULA
  7. ya i ended up buying that board
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