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Well, this is a problem that I've partially solved, but I'd like to know what was going on here, and I really have no idea. To start off, the mobo is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R revision 2.0, the OS is Vista Home Premium SP1, and the drive is a 160 seagate. Anyway, what happed was I removed my 8800gts to install an accelero on it(looks sweet), but it was too big(it's the 8800 extreme version), and I had to move my HD to a different SATA location. Anyway, I would post, yada yada, get in to windows, and windows would give me the usual "windows failed to shut down properly, do: " and I tried safemode, start normal, everything. Everytime, I'd get the Vista blue image, and just as it would normaly go black, I'd get a quick(too quick to read) BSOD, and then everything would restart. I reset the BIOS, made sure boot priorities were correct, tried repairing with the vista disc(which didn't see the drive, even though BIOS did), unplugged the spare IDE drive, etc. The BIOS is F4, and I couldn't find any settings to change hard disk priority between SATA channels, or anything along those lines. All the drive settings were on auto, which was my only option. Also, my dvd drive worked just fine on a different channel. I thought I would ask, before upgrading my BIOS. I'm tired, and stumped, so if anyone has any insight they could shed, fire away. Thanks in advance.
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  1. update: I kept my boot drive in it's normal channel(0/0), and tried my dvd drive in a different channel, and I would post, but then boot would just hang on the mobo screen. I suspect I need a newer bios version, but I'm open to ideas.
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