The previous shutdown was due to Thermal Event (Overheating)

Why I am getting this error” The previous shutdown was due to Thermal Event (Overheating)”?

My computer restarts after every 10 minutes and then it doesn’t load windows after restarting.

I have a P4 3.0GH S478 computer with D865GBF motherboard. Ram is 1.48GB.

I applied thermal grease and changed the fan & Power Supply too but again I have the same problem.
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  1. Hi! I am facing exactly the same problem that u have mentioned and the specs of my comp r also compatible with yours.Did u find a solution to this problem?If so,please advise me about it too as I am really tired of this issue.Thanks.
  2. Is ur fan spinning? Check the bios temp and monitor it

    dust blocking the fans?
  3. It is a problem with processor's thermal paste. A detailed description and solution for this problem is explained in this link
    Hope this helps you to solve your problem.
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