Spuradic Internet Connection Problem

Ok all who read this please bear with me. I'm going to try to explain this problem and give you as much details as I can.

I have had fiber optics for about 6 months now. I had cable access before that.

I have three computers set up in my home in three different locations. All three are hardwired to a linksys router.

A few nights ago one of my roommates told me she lost her internet connection. I was on mine at the time playing STO and I was having no problems. I checked with my other roommate and her internet connection was fine also. So I went to the room where the connection was out and asked her if she changed anything, she said no. I restarted the computer, still the connection was out. I checked the cable where it was exposed from the wall it looked fine. Now I noticed that the desk was sitting on the cable, but it still looked fine. So I went and got my spare computer that I keep as a back-up and brought it to the room that was out. I connected it and turned it on and the spares internet connection was down also (I just had the internet running on the spare earlier that day). So I figured it had to be the cable or router (linksys). So I took another spare cable I had and connected it to my spare computer and still got nothing. So I figured it was the router. So I took the cable from the computer I was playing STO on and connected it to the port on the router that was connected to the computer that lost the connection and my computer's internet came up just fine. I started changing cables on the router (using different ports and cables) between the two working computers and the one's not working. The one's that were working (one Win7, one WinXP) in the first place continued to work and the one's that weren't working (both running WinXP) continued not to work no matter what cables and ports I switched them in. It was late and I had to head to work early in the morning so I gave up for the evening.

Now comes the weird part! The next day when I woke up my roommate who was having the problem came to me and told me that her internet connection came back on about 3am. So I hooked my spare back up (I used the same cable I used the night before) and lo and behold the internet connection was working on that one also. So all day long I continued to check the internet on my spare and no problems. So later that evening I was playing STO again and my roommate came to me and told me her connection went down again. Mine was fine. So I hooked the spare back up and it's connection was down again also. I agained switched cables and ports and the two that were working continued to work, but the other two wouldn't. I gave up again cause it was late. Well this morning I got home from work and plugged the spare back in and turned it on and BAM the internet was back up again. So I'm totally stumped.

I hoped I explained it enough. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. If you need more info just ask.
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  1. I'm not a network guru, so this is just a guess. But network traffic is higher in the evenings. Could it be that you're ISP is capping the bandwidth? It seems like it happens only in the evenings.

    Have you tried using just the one computer that's having issues, during the evening?

    Were there any errors in the event viewer at the time the PC lost connection?
  2. Well I just checked my one spare computer about an hour ago (close to 1pm) and the internet on it was down again and the other two computers that haven't had a problem are still working fine.

    There are no errors coming up at all. I just see the network connection on the bottom of the page with a X thru it and it says limited or no connectivity detected. I'm not clueless when it comes to computers, but I'm totally stumped on this one.

    I will shut down the two working computers this afternoon and then check the ones that aren't working and see if they come up. But I have been running this configuration with two computers for 6 months and with three for about a month and the problem just started a few days ago. I will get in touch with my IPS and see what they say. But if it is limited, why do the same computers stay up and the other two always go down?
  3. Your router may be prioritizing them, but once again, this is just a guess. It sounds like you've done some good testing already to rule out the simple things.

    Look in the event viewer to see if it's logging any errors. You may not see a pop up error, but it still may be logging them.
  4. Ok I looked up the event viewer and found an error with a red circle with an X in it and it says something about "W32Time event 17 & 29". I also found another symbol (warning), not a circle with and X but a yellow triangle with "dhcp, event 1007" on it. I opened both and they seem to deal with the internet.

    I have downloaded a hot fix for the w32time error and it wouldn't install cause my windows was up to date.

    I also put in my WinXP to try to do a repair but all I get is the c prompt with the directory pointing to windows (C:\windows). I don't know how to get the reapir to come up from there.
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    You can try this suggestion here, but make sure you backup your registry first.

    If you just want to do a windows repair, here's a helpful guide.
    It sounds like you used the first R option, and entered the repair console. If you hit enter (p.4 in the link), and progress to the next window (p.5 in the link) press F8 to agree, then you'll move to the next page (p.6 in the link) where you can use the R option to do a repair.
  6. Well I did a repair of WinXP and it fixed the problem. Well I hope it did. Thanks for all your help aford.
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  8. Good to hear!

    Thanks for the vote :)
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