Anyone know about pink lights?

I'm putting together a pc for my gf and she wants pink lighting. The problem is I can't seem to find any pink lights anywhere. If any of you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it! thanks!
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  1. alright cool. the only problem is that the case doesn't have a side window. i wonder if those are bright enough to shine thru like a fan would...? what do you think?
  2. how do those install? that looks like a good idea

    edit: does that site only ship to European countries?
  3. Ty-rap the tubes to the back, they will give off a nice glow and you won't be able to see them easily.
  4. You may have an issue getting the 540V to run the first cold cathode strip although the second looks like a good solution at 4" and 12V.
  5. yeah that's a good idea Zorg, i actually thought about that last night too. like 4" cathodes. i ordered some 3mm pink led's from jab-tech last night but i have no idea how they'll work. anyone know how they install or a good idea on using them?
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