Asus Striker Extreme BIOS update

Hey guys I just recieved anIntel Core 2 Quad Extreme Edition QX9650 3.00GHz and an Asus Striker Extreme Motherboard.

Great combo eh? as the motherboard's BIOS does not support the processor. What I would like to know is will Asus release a BIOS update for this processor? Also any helpful comments or opinion's are always welcome ;)

If not I think I have just wasted 600pounds, which is never a good thing.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Have you tried using it yet? I know they don't list it on their site but they don't always update their site right away, and I'm sure you will need the latest BIOS update.
  2. I know what you mean - I've put the system together and the motherboard doesnt recognize the processor as it thinks its one of 2.00GHz and not 3.00GHz.

    Would it not be like using a GPU without drivers?
  3. e-mail their tech support and ask when they will have and update.
  4. Well on ASUS site it says the the striker extreme is 45mn ready for the dual cores only... check out .

    I dont think that the board will ever support the 45nm quads.

    As it looks none of the Nvidia chipsets made so far will support the 45nm quads, even the 780i.

    It looks like Intel is blacklisting Nvidia for not letting them use SLI on the Intel chipset.

  5. My processor specs Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 ( 2.66GHz, 1333MHz, 45nm, 6MB L2 Cache Total)
    And of course Asus striker II extreme

    When i assembled and pressed the power on button for the first time I also had some issues.. and he couldnt recognise my quad core..
    Entered the asus website and downloaded then the newest bios - 1104, placed the bios on flash and updated with EZ Flash 2 and now running all ok! :sol: So i guess it supports the quadcore and 45nm teh... just with newer bios.. not on stock bios..

    Will update the bios to newest revision 1402 soon and will see what happens then :lol:
  6. any update on this?
    hows the cpu working with the 1401 bios?
  7. is this a Striker II or the Original Striker? If its the S2E It will support it I have it in my old computer now.
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