Gaming Comp - $500 (for a friend)

My friend is also looking into building a new computer for Christmas. His budget is only $500, but I thought I'd give a shot at trying to help him out. This is the build I put together for him. Opinions would be great. He'd like to play a few of the somewhat newer titles with whatever detail settings he can (primarily Battlefield 2142).

With shipping it comes to exactly 499$ USD.

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  1. Hey again,

    -Maybe you could find one a little cheap if you didn't have that included PSU(as you have listed a separate one).
    -With the board being a M-ATX, you are going to want to make sure that the case can hold one. I mean most cases do, but...yeah. Also, it is known that M-ATX boards produce more heat if that is a problem.
    -I know the budget is extremely tight, but have you considered a ATI 3850? It will, sadly, run you about $50.00 more expensive.
    -CPU Looks pretty good for this kind of budget build.
    -If your budget is really, really tight..consider dropping the frequencies to 667 or something.
    -Yeah, he probably wants this. Maybe he could just use linux until he gets more money.

    Hope I helped,
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