Please help NF3 / Nvidia problem

Hello all. I know this is a very old issue but I am still having problems. I am referring to the 5-10 second video freeze with "studdering" looping sound problem that occurs periodically durring gameplay. I have a Geforce6800gt and a NF3 MB. I have read probably 300 threads and I am unable to find a resolution. I have tried disabling fastwrite , new drivers , overclocking , underclocking and every other trick or theory out there. I am not quite ready to build a new system but I must fix this problem. It drives me insane. (especially in BF2 ) If anyone has a suggestion I will listen with open ears.


AMD 3700 ~ 2.6
Zalman Cooler
Geforce 6800GT OC 256 ( yes AGP )
1G pc3200
SATA 500gb
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  1. I know you said you tried it already, but that sounds suspiciously like an unstable overclock on the CPU and motherboard. Quite possibly a PSU or spyware issue as well.
  2. Well , that was my initial presumption as well. I have tried stock and every fsb and multiplier combination possible. Currently I have it running at 2.3 and everything runs flawlessly. My PSU is not the issue. I am sure of that. The problem occurs maybe 3 or 4 times during a 30 min game session. By the time the freeze is over i have usually killed about 4 team members or crashed the chopper when playing BF2. The problem seems to occur in BF2 and COD. I can play doom 3 for hours and not have one freeze. there are literally hundreds of threads out there on this and I am unable to find a solution. This is not an isolated incendent. From what I have gathered it seems to be a compatability issue between the 6800 and NF3 chipsets. But , as I have learned there is a solution for every problem. ( BTW I do not want to change MB's ) There has to be a fix.

    Just thought I would lean on you guys here as you have helped be before.
    Thanks for your reply though. Any other suggestions ?
  3. Could you possibly try another sound card instead of the onboard one?
  4. i had an issue like that a while back, on an nf7. only way i got around it was to reinstall i attributed it to malware.
  5. I have tried sound cards and have re-installed windows twice for other reasons. I have no malware / spyware. I appreciate the idea though.

    I just stumbled across this. Would someone please read and give me your $.02 ? I have used registry edit to modify run taks and delete trojans but this makes me a little nervous.


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