What would you recommend

Getting a new pc that will mostly be used for music making/editing and watching movies,
some gaming(just the ability to play the games coming ought now at decent quality)
I would like a
22" monitor,
A good sound card,
and the ability to uppgrade in the future.
My budget is 1500-2000.
What system/parts would you recommend?
Would it be wise to wait until after the holiday season to buy or just get it now?
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  1. I would recommend copying parts from the billion other threads in this section. There are a ton that are very similar to price range. Then post it back here and people will make suggestions.

    As far as waiting, I'd just get them now. Prices are constantly going to be changing as new hardware comes out. In a month, you will be pissed because the processor or video card that you bought will be cheaper, but that's computers.
  2. It seems wise to wait right now. With the large rumors of the new 8800GTS (die shrink and what else not, it’s close to the GTX performance from what I have seen so far from tweak town) to be coming out soon. I normally would say just buy now because if you wait then you end up waiting forever, but I honestly recommend waiting. Intel’s new cores are coming out early next year, NVIDIA is slated to release new cards at early next year, and if you can wait monitors will get a little cheaper so maybe you can afford a 24" (which is much nicer then a 20" or 22" in my mind).

    Sounds cards I do not know of any new ones coming out, but highly recommend the Xfi Fatal1ty.

    There is no such thing as future proof. If you want to be able to upgrade your video card later then get a mobo that is PCIe 2.0 (which I think is dumb, why not just move to PCIe 32x?) and if you want a mobo that can take Intel’s Nehalem then.... good luck.

    If you can not wait for a new system and have to get it now... then:

    - Q6600
    - 8800 gt (gts if it comes out)
    - 4gb of RAM (if using vista 64 bit, I highly recommend that)
    - any mobo that supports PCIe 2.0 for your video card (if you go with 8800 gt or the new ATi's. I guess you want single card solution and in that case as long as it take intels LGA775 quad socket and PCIe 2.0 (you dont need it) then you will be fine)
    - at least a 500w power supply, I recommend the thoughpower from theramtake
    - Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 case
    - at least 1 500 gb hd
    - get the 24" hp w2408

    I have no idea how much that will run.... but it will be quick!

    I hope this helps?
  3. thank you for the detailed reply,it helpt
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